Allocations for the FODL token
The FODL token serves as both a governance token for the fully decentralized protocol DAO, as well as a vehicle for fully decentralized revenue distribution.
A total of 1,000,000,000 FODL have been minted. The total supply will never change and there will never be any additional FODL minted. Supply distribution is as follows:
  • 40% (400,000,000 FODL) to Platform Position Rewards
  • 20% (200,000,000 FODL) to Initial DEX Listing LP
  • 12.5% (125,000,000 FODL) to FODL LP Staking Rewards
  • 12.5% (125,000,000 FODL) to Decentralized Development Grants
  • 10% (100,000,000 FODL) to the Team
  • 5% (50,000,000 FODL) to xFODL Staking Rewards

Vesting Periods

  • The initial LP and LP Staking rewards were locked for the 6 months in the LP after the initial launch of FODL.