As the FODL supply becomes more and more distributed amongst the community members (users of the platform, liquidity providers, FODL stakers), we're building towards a DAO community with full control over the platform parameters, revenue streams, and control of liquidity mining incentives for the FODL-ETH, FODL-USDC, FODL-MATIC, and FODL-BNB pools.
FODL DAO decisions are executed by team multi-sig, which is further secured by a 24-hour time lock.
Over time, the team behind FODL plans to further decentralize the platform along with its development, upkeep, and running of stop loss/take profit and liquidation bots. Using the 10% of FODL supply allocated for development grants, and combined with the DAO, the project will seek to fund a community of developers and strategists around the platform in order to completely decentralize the project.
All proposals can be found here.